ZetaDisplay: Has signed an agreement with ATG for the delivery of Digital Signage to all its stores in Sweden worth SEK 100 million

ZetaDisplay has signed an agreement with Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp (ATG) for the delivery of its Digital Media Platform for Digital Signage to all ATG’s representatives in Sweden.

ATG has the task of securing the long-term development of trot and gallop sport by offering gaming responsibly. The assignment is formulated by its owner; trot and racing sports and the state, which regulates its activities.

ATG supplies its products via more than 2.000 stores, 37 trot and racecourses around Sweden and through their digital platforms.

Estimated value of the agreement is SEK 100 million during the 5-year contract period, of which SEK 80 million is expected to be invoiced during 2018.

”It is very gratifying that we have signed this extensive agreement with ATG in great competition. We see it as a receipt for our offer, where we deliver a future-proof digital media platform for Digital Signage that lies in the absolute technical front. But we also see it as a result of our investment in our Swedish operations where we gathered together and developed our organization with a new Stockholm office, says CEO Leif Liljebrunn.”

”We at ATG look forward to working closely with ZetaDisplay to develop the digital areas and continue delivering the most engaging gaming experience for our customers in our 2.000 stores. ATG has recently made a thorough procurement where we have now selected ZetaDisplay as it is the supplier who met all our requirements, says Johan Korssell, Head of Retail at ATG.”

ZetaDisplay is a leading provider of Digital Signage to major retail and service chains. The company has approximately 130 employees and sales offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands.

For more information please contact:

ZetaDisplay AB (publ)
Leif Liljebrunn, CEO
Phone +46 708-45 80 52 
Email leif.liljebrunn@zetadisplay.com

The information contained in this press release is the type of information which ZetaDisplay is obligated to publish according to the Market Abuse Regulation. The information was caused to be published by Leif Liljebrunn on 21 May 2018 at 8.50 AM.

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